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Seesaws for children


At Magic Garden, we create playgrounds with a meticulously planned layout so that children can develop on many levels, play with others or alone, guaranteeing their safety when moving across different attractions. The seesaw is one of the basic elements of public playgrounds. It’s perfect for both smaller children (from 3 years of age) and older ones (up to 15 years of age). This is a piece of equipment loved by most children, on which they can have a lot of fun with their siblings and peers.

Our range mainly includes seesaws for two children, but we also provide four-person seesaws, in which two pairs of children can seat opposite each other, having great fun. All our designs feature a unique design, combining simplicity with colours and animal motifs that appeal to children.

How is our seesaw built?

In its basic form, the seesaw consists of a long, thick beam, a ground-mounted fulcrum, and two seats located at its opposite sides. The lower-seated child pushes off from the ground and goes up, while the other child goes down and then pushes off again. The seesaw is a piece of playground equipment on which children laugh the loudest and have lively conversations, while enjoying the movements.

Our seesaws are built of durable, appropriately protected materials, which ensures that children are safe while playing. The whole structure is mounted directly on the ground in a concrete base, which guarantees maximum stability and eliminates the danger of tipping over. We make the seesaw’s steel elements of stainless or black steel (corrosion-protected by galvanisation and dual powder coating). Other elements, such as seats and plates are made of HDPE and HPL plates, which are extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage, in addition to being relatively flexible. The materials we use contribute to the high quality of the equipment we design and manufacture. Our seesaws are resistant to corrosion and other adverse outdoor conditions while remaining safe and friendly for children from the age of three!

Correct weight balance on a seesaw

The seesaw is an entertaining piece of equipment to be used by two (or four) children, who push themselves off from the ground in turns. This playground piece enjoys almost as much interest among children as the traditional swing. Whether we want to put it in a public playground or mount it in our backyard, the seesaw is certain to give kids a lot of joy!

The key to good fun when on a seesaw is for children to have a similar weight, as this ensures perfect balance. If there’s a huge difference between the weights of the two children, playing might be less fun (one child might stay in the upper position).

Why are seesaws good for playgrounds?

Seesaws for children designed and made by us are some of the favourite attractions for children across a wide age range. Little kids love them for the emotions and older ones value how they can interact with their peers during play. They are great for both backyards and public playgrounds. They are some of the favourite pieces of equipment used in kindergartens and school playgrounds.

Seesaws bring a lot of fun to children playing outdoors and encourage them to spend time with their parents, siblings and peers. Their biggest advantages, which are highly significant for child development, are:

  • supporting physical development regardless of age;
  • assisting in the development of motor coordination;
  • practising balance;
  • supporting emotional development by interacting with others.

The seesaws made by Magic Garden are reliable and guarantee safety, while supporting the all-round physical and emotional development of both younger and older children. Using the seesaw is a lot of fun, and its shapes, colours and motifs encourage play!


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