Play zone for the little ones we build playgrounds
Play zone
for the little ones
we build playgrounds
Outdoor Gyms intended for public use
intended for public use
Development public space we build playgrounds
public space
we build playgrounds
Individual projects tailored to the needs and ideas of the client
tailored to the needs and ideas of the client

Public space or park development

Our company is home to professionals and enthusiasts who want to create comfortable, beautiful and safe areas for both children and adults. We believe that, with an appropriate arrangement, a seemingly ordinary playground may become a truly special place. We manufacture our own outdoor gyms intended for public use, which meet the most stringent standards, providing a space for their users to develop their passion for sports.
We know how important it is to inspire a love of sport from the earliest years. Our products help to bridge the generation gap and take outdoor play to a whole new level.

When properly developed, a park in the urban space can open up a lot of possibilities and space for the overall development of the local residents. To inspire a healthy lifestyle among urban residents, we should create a suitable place for people of any age to actively spend their free time.

Thoughtful design – quick installation

When creating playgrounds for children, playing fields or outdoor gyms, we do much more than just place a few pieces of equipment in a park. We meticulously craft our strategy to make the space functional, safe, and attractive. Each piece of equipment located in an area arranged by us has its function and the place it stands on is selected by analysing the needs of children and parents. Our designs always include facilities for people with disabilities.

Our range includes the following designs and products:

  • Playgrounds
  • Outdoor gyms
  • Street workout
  • Playing fields

We’ve learned a lot about the needs of users over the years and we know exactly what their expectations are, what they want and don’t want to have. Due to this, we can assure you that Magic Garden’s products will meet the expectations of even the most demanding users and we wouldn’t trade the smiles of children who play with our equipment for anything!

Our solutions for the public space

The urban landscape needs life! It needs happy children playing in a safe place where they can develop under the watchful eye of their parents. Our products catch the eye of passers-by, who, sooner or later, will want to try them firsthand. We’re really glad about it, because one of our main objectives is to reach as many people as possible and encourage them to actively spend time outdoors.

Such places as schools, kindergartens, parks, housing estates and nursing homes should definitely offer something more than just grass and benches – they should be teeming with life. Thanks to placing outdoor gyms, finding space for a playing field or a modern playground, the city becomes more lively, providing fun experiences to everyone regardless of their age!

We’ve always wanted to give people something special. Something that will make them feel young, happy and fulfilled. We always try to develop the public space in an interesting and original way to meet the expectations of city residents. We use state-of-the-art technologies which help us make our products environmentally-friendly.

Eye-catching outdoor gyms

Our outdoor gyms are made of high-quality materials with great mechanical strength. Our products attract attention with their modern design and encourage passers-by to find a moment to exercise.

What clearly sets our products apart is the use of modern photovoltaic technology, which allows you to charge your phone while exercising or watch presentations of the correct ways to work out. Sustainable development is an important consideration for us, which is why we equipped our devices with smart solar-multimedia solutions powered by renewable energy.

Street workout equipment creates a well-thought-out place for people who like to exercise outdoors. Our products allow users to develop their balance, concentration and dexterity, providing an ideal space for everyday resistance training. Thanks to such solutions, an interest in sports can turn into love, bringing a number of positive consequences for health.



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