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Sandboxes for children

Sandboxes – every playground must have one

A sandbox for children is one of the favourite attractions of any playground. It’s an incredibly versatile element of both public and private spaces, taking into account the needs of children of any age. Sandboxes are essentially timeless. As the world changes around them, they still remain the vital element of all playgrounds. The main reason for which they are so loved is their versatility, which allows children to unleash their incredible creativity. It’s a place where children can play together, not only making sand pies or sandcastles, but also unleashing their imagination by making up original stories and scenarios, and make friends.

A sandbox is an invaluable element of any backyard. You can use it to foster children’s curiosity and creativity from the early years. Hours spent playing in the send can stimulate imagination and help boys and girls develop at any age.

Our sandboxes guarantee great fun and safety

As with other equipment for children, we put safety first. We use stainless steel, corrosion-protected black steel and HDPE or HPL plates to construct these elements. The materials used for our sandboxes are appropriately protected, so you can allow your children to have fun outdoors without any worries. Our products provide maximum functionality and contain the necessary seats, which allow children to take a break during the long hours of focused play. Our range includes sandboxes with four or six separate seats, and there are also options equipped with a universal bench which can fit even more children.

We also have large sandboxes for children, containing additional decorative elements, which can stimulate children’s imagination even further. Our sandboxes come in universal, modern and eye-catching colours and shapes to ensure the comfort of children during outdoor play. All our structures are designed according to the principles of sustainable development and adapted for people with disabilities.

Sandbox for children as a playground element

A backyard sandbox is a great attraction to place near a terrace or balcony. The best place for a sandbox on private property is where parents have a good view of it. It’s very important to put the sandbox in a place that has some shadow, but not too much, to reduce the risk of the sand getting too cold or problems with mosquitoes, while protecting children from sunlight. It’s also worth remembering that with appropriate ground preparation, the structure can be installed quickly and effectively.

For public playgrounds, including a sandbox is not a problem. However, we should remember that such places in public space must meet certain criteria necessary to ensure good safety and functionality. Such rules include:

  • Building permit – this is a key issue that people often forget about. It’s worth knowing that playgrounds are widely regarded as a set of landscaping elements, which means that they require a relevant permit.

  • It is the administrator’s duty to maintain the structure in good working order. Administrators are obliged to maintain playground elements in good working order to ensure user safety.

  • The structure should be built according to specific rules, which are regulated by construction regulations. In addition, in planning the construction, we should take into account the expected period of using the structure.

There are only a few general rules to follow, but it’s necessary to fulfil them to begin construction. The smiles on children’s faces will make up for all your efforts!

Why is the sandbox such a universal element of every playground?

Sandboxes with benches have been known well for many years. It's no wonder that they continue to be produced by manufacturers of playground equipment. It’s a universal place in every playground, which brings out streams of creativity while helping children integrate at various ages by having fun together. Both a backyard sandbox and one that is placed in a playground are devices worth investing in, as they will definitely win all children’s hearts. It doesn’t matter if the play area is located on a small part of a housing estate, or provided by the city or municipality in a large area – the sandbox is always the centrepiece!

One of the biggest advantages of sandboxes is how children can learn to create their own worlds. Children become absorbed in play which is largely based on their imagination, and sand is a great tool for it. Wet sand provides material for building castles, fortresses or dragon caves, unleashing the creativity of all participants.


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