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Rope ride Tyrolean traverse for children

Children’s rope ride

Our playground equipment elements include not only classic products that ensure good fun. Our range also includes such attractions as rope rides. Also known as the Tyrolean traverse, the rope ride unleashes genuine emotions and can be used by both younger and older children (from 5 to 14 years old). It helps to develop coordination, but most importantly, brings endless fun.

Rope rides are perfect for both classic and modern playgrounds and are a great fit for ropes courses. It’s an attraction that encourages and intrigues children at any age, forming long queues of those who want to try it.
Anti-slip structural elements additionally improve safety, and a comfortable seat provides the comfort and convenience the child needs to feel more confident.

Rope ride – Tyrolean traverse for urban playgrounds

Rope rides attract children of various ages and is quickly becoming a very popular form of entertainment. The structure is based on two free-standing stations, the starting and destination points, which are connected by a long steel rope. Comfortable seats mounted on a special trolley moving along the rope ensure the safety and convenience of children.

Currently, rope rides can be found in many theme parks and amusement parks, as well a in bigger, modern playgrounds and regular city parks. Due to their rising popularity they are installed more and more often, creating great opportunities for outdoor fun. Appropriate supervision from parents or caregivers is crucial here, as this is the only way to ensure that the ride is not only thrilling, but also safe. Of course, older children don't need so much attention while playing.

Materials used for our rope rides and how we install the Tyrolean traverse

When designing and constructing all elements to be used by children, it’s extremely important to have an eye for detail. Most importantly, our attractions are sturdy, durable, safe and resistant to mechanical impact and changing weather conditions. The materials we used come from trusted suppliers and each we care for the environment at every stage of production, always applying the principles of sustainable development.

Rope rides created by our team are made of stainless or black steel with appropriate corrosion protection achieved by galvanisation and powder coating. The rope is also made of steel, which makes us confident about its sturdiness and load-bearing capabilities. At its end there’s a spring-applied brake which allows a smooth stop. Another element is the trolley, which is made of stainless steel and equipped with a rubber-covered chain with a rubber seat at the end. The starting platform is made of waterproof and anti-slip plywood (or HDPE Antiskid or HPL plate). All elements that could cause cuts, getting stuck or other injuries have been eliminated or covered with plastic to guarantee maximum safety for children. The Tyrolean traverse is installed on a concrete base directly in the ground, which guarantees stability and durability.

Benefits of rope rides in playgrounds

Rope rides are very exciting for both younger and older children, which makes them a universal and popular choice worth placing in the public space or on private property. A professional rope ride provides a sense of safety combined with an exciting experience.

Key advantages of a children’s rope ride

  • Improves balance in smaller children;
  • Available across a wide age range;
  • Helps develop motor coordination;
  • Relieves stress and soothes the nerves;
  • Improves balance;
  • Fosters concentration;

It’s a great choice to expand a backyard playground as well, giving your children new fun and additional stimulation every day. Our company’s products guarantee high quality and user satisfaction. Try it yourself and see how much joy it brings to children!


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