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we build playgrounds
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Rope structures for children

Rope structures – a creative attraction for energetic kids

Children need both intellectual and physical exercise to develop properly. Urban playgrounds can be really well-organised, so you should ensure that your child visits them on a regular basis. Our range includes a broad selection of equipment to develop your children’s abilities. Some of the most popular modern pieces of playground equipment are rope structures. It’s a very interesting solution that makes our children more aware of their bodies, improves their physical fitness and provides a creative way of learning how to overcome obstacles.

Rope structures are a great alternative to classic ladders. It’s a great fit for modern housing estates, parks, and educational establishments. Children also like variety, and a large selection of attractions in playgrounds provides a great way to fill them with new emotions.

Fanciful structures and lots of good fun. Rope structures – say goodbye to boredom

Dealing with a bored kid can be a real pain. That’s why regular walks with a visit to the playground are so important. We offer rope structures that attract children like a magnet with their original shapes and pleasant colours. Both older and younger children will find this activity very entertaining. This clearly appeals to children who love competition and spending time with their peers, as well as those who value independent play, which makes it extremely versatile.

Our structures are made of top quality materials, so we guarantee safety for kids, while giving them the physical exercise they need. Additional advantages include the soft floor and installing the equipment in a place easily accessible to children. A well-thought out layout and placement of attractive equipment will ensure that everyday play stays pleasant and safe.

What are the main advantages of Magic Garden’s rope structures?

We make every effort for all our structures to be well-adapted to both younger and older children’s needs. Extensive knowledge and long-term experience allows us to create products that meet all the relevant requirements. Rope structures are some of our favourite pieces of playground equipment, as they are a superb way to combine entertainment with physical activity. Here are their biggest advantages:

  • Training balance by climbing, like on ladders.
  • Brain development – alternating arm and leg movements stimulate the brain, improving the activity of both hemispheres;
  • Refining motor coordination – rope courses are great for coordination and building arm strength;
  • The possibility of installing in both public and private spaces – their structure makes it possible to use them as an element of a city park or an attraction in your backyard.

Our company manufactures equipment that meets all the safety standards, so that children can play in the best possible conditions. Thanks to rope structures, working out may be a very entertaining challenge our kids will be eager to try. Equipping an entertainment area for children with another piece of equipment will make children even more interested and willing to spend time with their peers. Our rope structures are highly modern, safe and visually attractive, are loved by children and valued by parents.

Playground rope structures are a modern alternative to classic solutions

In the old days, children used to spend their free time outdoors, by carpet hangers. It wasn’t exactly the safest place to play. Fortunately, today we have more refined solutions that follow the safety-first principle. We have cone-shaped rope structures that work great as an attraction for children of any age thanks to ropes being placed at various heights. Our equipment is always installed in a way that helps children feel comfortable and ensures their complete safety, while fostering age-appropriate development adapted to their capabilities.


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