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Playground merry-go-round

Playground merry-go-round

Merry-go-rounds, roundabouts, or playground spinners, are some of the most popular pieces of playground equipment. Although this is an established classic, we have models in our range that go far beyond what’s seen in traditional structures. Our merry-go-rounds are safe and perfectly suitable for children of all ages, so that everyone can have fun with their favourite attraction.

Physical activity is invaluable not only for the muscles, improving fitness and developing motor coordination, but it is also excellent for the mind. Playing outdoors offers a wealth of developmental benefits for kids and should be practised regardless of weather conditions. The merry-go-round is one of the pieces that allow interaction and cooperation with peers, encouraging them to make new friends. Roundabouts also give our kids a great opportunity to learn about observing rules and to develop teamwork skills, contributing to their social development.

Our merry-go-rounds – safe, good-looking and, most importantly, loved by children

We put great emphasis on high quality materials, which ensure the durability of our equipment and the safety of children. We know how exciting outdoor play can be for kids, leaving no room for worries or concerns. Importantly, our merry-go-rounds are adapted for children of any age.

The floor making part of our structures is made of a high quality and durable material that protects children from slipping. The whole superstructure is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and black steel, which is also protected against corrosion. This main part is put into spinning motion by two bearings. The seats, just like the platform, are made of HDPE or HPL plates, which are incredibly durable and resistant to outdoor conditions. The piece is mounted in the ground and fixed with concrete, which guarantees stability. Our range also includes seatless merry-go-rounds perfect for older children.

Why are merry-go-rounds so attractive for kids?

Every playground element has its advocates and critics and kids also have their own preferences. When it comes to merry-go-rounds, the fun of it is actually pretty difficult to understand for adults. What’s so fun in going round in circles? It turns out that with this kind of activity, the younger the child, the bigger the fun. This is due to labyrinthine stimulation. Children need it a lot, and that’s why they choose the merry-go-round so eagerly as their favourite part of the playground. Of course, this equipment can be used by older children as well. It’s one of the most universal pieces of playground equipment and has no age limitations.

The main variants of the merry-go-round are the popular disk-shaped one and the four-armed one. Although those two variants have slight differences, the main purpose and fun is the same! Our range also features pieces that allow spinning the structure using a special wheel placed in the middle of the platform.

The most popular types include:

  • Chair merry-go-rounds usually have 3 or 4 seats and are meant for a specific number of users.
  • Merry-go-round with seats – this type is aimed especially at young children. The design ensures comfort and protection against falling during play.
  • Standing merry-go-rounds – models without seats. Their build may be more attractive to slightly older children who find it easier to keep their balance.

Safety is key for great fun!

Our merry-go-rounds look great in combination with other playground elements, such as swings, rockers, rope structures and sandboxes. Their clear and vivid colours encourage children to play actively, and their structure favours integration with peers. The steel bars that we use for the structures of our merry-go-rounds make them extremely durable and lightweight. The metal elements are properly galvanised and powder-coated using a resistant and safe non-toxic coating. The spinning part is mounted in a way that allows even the smallest children to set it in motion.
As an experienced team, we are well aware of the aspects requiring special attention during the manufacturing, construction and assembly of equipmsent for children, so that they can be safe and have a lot of fun while playing.


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